SOEM v1.3.1
Data Fields
ec_ODlistt Struct Reference

#include <ethercatcoe.h>

Data Fields

uint16 Slave
uint16 Entries
uint16 Index [EC_MAXODLIST]
uint16 DataType [EC_MAXODLIST]
uint8 ObjectCode [EC_MAXODLIST]
uint8 MaxSub [EC_MAXODLIST]

Field Documentation

uint16 ec_ODlistt::DataType[EC_MAXODLIST]

array of datatypes, see EtherCAT specification

number of entries in list

uint16 ec_ODlistt::Index[EC_MAXODLIST]

array of indexes

uint8 ec_ODlistt::MaxSub[EC_MAXODLIST]

number of subindexes for each index

char ec_ODlistt::Name[EC_MAXODLIST][EC_MAXNAME+1]

textual description of each index

uint8 ec_ODlistt::ObjectCode[EC_MAXODLIST]

array of object codes, see EtherCAT specification

slave number

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