SOEM v1.3.1
Data Fields
ec_configlist_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32 man
uint32 id
char name [EC_MAXNAME+1]
uint8 Dtype
uint16 Ibits
uint16 Obits
uint16 SM2a
uint32 SM2f
uint16 SM3a
uint32 SM3f
uint8 FM0ac
uint8 FM1ac

Detailed Description

Slave configuration structure

Field Documentation

Data type

FMMU 0 activation

FMMU 1 activation

Input bits

ID of slave

Manufacturer code of slave

char ec_configlist_t::name[EC_MAXNAME+1]

Readable name

Output bits

SyncManager 2 address

SyncManager 2 flags

SyncManager 3 address

SyncManager 3 flags

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