SOEM v1.3.1
Data Fields
ec_errort Struct Reference

#include <ethercattype.h>

Data Fields

ec_timet Time
boolean Signal
uint16 Slave
uint16 Index
uint8 SubIdx
ec_err_type Etype
union {
   int32   AbortCode
   struct {
      uint16   ErrorCode
      uint8   ErrorReg
      uint8   b1
      uint16   w1
      uint16   w2

Detailed Description

Struct to retrieve errors.

Field Documentation

union { ... }

General abortcode

Type of error

CoE SDO index that generated the error

Signal bit, error set but not read

Slave number that generated the error

CoE SDO subindex that generated the error

ec_timet ec_errort::Time

Time at which the error was generated.

uint16 ec_errort::w1
uint16 ec_errort::w2

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