SOEM v1.3.1
Data Fields
ec_groupt Struct Reference

#include <ethercatmain.h>

Data Fields

uint32 logstartaddr
uint32 Obytes
uint8 * outputs
uint32 Ibytes
uint8 * inputs
boolean hasdc
uint16 DCnext
int16 Ebuscurrent
uint8 blockLRW
uint16 nsegments
uint16 Isegment
uint16 Ioffset
uint16 outputsWKC
uint16 inputsWKC
boolean docheckstate
uint32 IOsegment [EC_MAXIOSEGMENTS]

Detailed Description

for list of ethercat slave groups

Field Documentation

if >0 block use of LRW in processdata

next DC slave

check slave states

E-bus current

has DC capabillity

input bytes, if Ibits < 8 then Ibytes = 0

input pointer in IOmap buffer

Expected workcounter inputs

Offset in input segment

uint32 ec_groupt::IOsegment[EC_MAXIOSEGMENTS]

IO segmentation list. Datagrams must not break SM in two.

1st input segment

logical start address for this group

IO segegments used

output bytes, if Obits < 8 then Obytes = 0

output pointer in IOmap buffer

Expected workcounter outputs

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