SOEM v1.3.1
Data Fields
ec_slavet Struct Reference

#include <ethercatmain.h>

Data Fields

uint16 state
uint16 ALstatuscode
uint16 configadr
uint16 aliasadr
uint32 eep_man
uint32 eep_id
uint32 eep_rev
uint16 Itype
uint16 Dtype
uint16 Obits
uint32 Obytes
uint8 * outputs
uint8 Ostartbit
uint16 Ibits
uint32 Ibytes
uint8 * inputs
uint8 Istartbit
ec_smt SM [EC_MAXSM]
uint8 SMtype [EC_MAXSM]
ec_fmmut FMMU [EC_MAXFMMU]
uint8 FMMU0func
uint8 FMMU1func
uint8 FMMU2func
uint8 FMMU3func
uint16 mbx_l
uint16 mbx_wo
uint16 mbx_rl
uint16 mbx_ro
uint16 mbx_proto
uint8 mbx_cnt
boolean hasdc
uint8 ptype
uint8 topology
uint8 activeports
uint8 consumedports
uint16 parent
uint8 parentport
uint8 entryport
int32 DCrtA
int32 DCrtB
int32 DCrtC
int32 DCrtD
int32 pdelay
uint16 DCnext
uint16 DCprevious
int32 DCcycle
int32 DCshift
uint8 DCactive
uint16 configindex
uint16 SIIindex
uint8 eep_8byte
uint8 eep_pdi
uint8 CoEdetails
uint8 FoEdetails
uint8 EoEdetails
uint8 SoEdetails
int16 Ebuscurrent
uint8 blockLRW
uint8 group
uint8 FMMUunused
boolean islost
int(* PO2SOconfig )(uint16 slave)
char name [EC_MAXNAME+1]

Detailed Description

for list of ethercat slaves detected

Field Documentation

active ports bitmap : ....3210 , set if respective port is active

Alias address

AL status code

if >0 block use of LRW in processdata

CoE details

Configured address

link to config table

consumed ports bitmap : ....3210, used for internal delay measurement

DC sync activation, 0=off, 1=on

DC cyle time in ns

next DC slave

previous DC slave

DC receivetimes on port A

DC receivetimes on port B

DC receivetimes on port C

DC receivetimes on port D

DC shift from clock modulus boundary

Device type

E-bus current

1 = 8 bytes per read, 0 = 4 bytes per read

ID from EEprom

Manufacturer from EEprom

0 = eeprom to master , 1 = eeprom to PDI

revision from EEprom

port number on this slave the parent is connected to

EoE details

FMMU structure

FMMU0 function

FMMU1 function

FMMU2 function

FMMU3 function

first unused FMMU

FoE details


has DC capabillity

input bits

input bytes, if Ibits < 8 then Ibytes = 0

input pointer in IOmap buffer

TRUE is slave is not responding at all

startbit in first input byte

Interface type

Counter value of mailbox link layer protocol 1..7

length of write mailbox in bytes, if no mailbox then 0

mailbox supported protocols

length of read mailbox in bytes

mailbox read offset

mailbox write offset

char ec_slavet::name[EC_MAXNAME+1]

readable name

output bits

output bytes, if Obits < 8 then Obytes = 0

startbit in first output byte

output pointer in IOmap buffer

slave number for parent, 0=master

port number on parent this slave is connected to

propagation delay

int(* ec_slavet::PO2SOconfig)(uint16 slave)

registered configuration function PO->SO

Physical type; Ebus, EtherNet combinations

link to SII config

ec_smt ec_slavet::SM[EC_MAXSM]

SM structure

uint8 ec_slavet::SMtype[EC_MAXSM]

SM type 0=unused 1=MbxWr 2=MbxRd 3=Outputs 4=Inputs

SoE details

state of slave

topology: 1 to 3 links

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