SOES v1.0.0
Data Fields
_ESCvar Struct Reference

#include <esc.h>

Data Fields

uint16 ALevent
uint16 ALstatus
uint16 ALcontrol
uint16 ALerror
uint16 DLstatus
uint16 address
uint8 mbxcnt
uint8 mbxincnt
uint8 mbxoutpost
uint8 mbxbackup
uint8 xoe
uint8 txcue
uint8 mbxfree
uint8 segmented
void * data
uint16 entries
uint16 frags
uint16 fragsleft
uint8 r1:1
uint8 toggle:1
uint8 r2:6
uint8 SMtestresult
int16 temp
uint16 wdcnt
uint32 PrevTime
uint32 Time
_ESCsm SM [4]

Field Documentation

uint8 _ESCvar::r1
uint8 _ESCvar::r2
uint32 _ESCvar::Time
uint8 _ESCvar::xoe

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