SOES v1.0.0
Data Fields
foe_writefile_cfg_t Struct Reference

#include <esc_foe.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
uint32 max_data
uint32 dest_start_address
uint32 address_offset
uint32 filepass
uint32(* write_function )(foe_writefile_cfg_t *self, uint8 *data)

Field Documentation

uint32 foe_writefile_cfg_t::address_offset

Current address during write of file

uint32 foe_writefile_cfg_t::dest_start_address

Where to store the data initially

uint32 foe_writefile_cfg_t::filepass
uint32 foe_writefile_cfg_t::max_data

Size of file,sizeof data we can recv

const char* foe_writefile_cfg_t::name

Name of file to receive from master

uint32(* foe_writefile_cfg_t::write_function)(foe_writefile_cfg_t *self, uint8 *data)

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