SOEM v1.3.1
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slaveinfo.c File Reference

Example code for Simple Open EtherCAT master. More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "ethercattype.h"
#include "nicdrv.h"
#include "ethercatbase.h"
#include "ethercatmain.h"
#include "ethercatconfig.h"
#include "ethercatcoe.h"
#include "ethercatdc.h"
#include "ethercatprint.h"


char * dtype2string (uint16 dtype)
char * SDO2string (uint16 slave, uint16 index, uint8 subidx, uint16 dtype)
int si_PDOassign (uint16 slave, uint16 PDOassign, int mapoffset, int bitoffset)
int si_map_sdo (int slave)
int si_siiPDO (uint16 slave, uint8 t, int mapoffset, int bitoffset)
int si_map_sii (int slave)
void si_sdo (int cnt)
void slaveinfo (char *ifname)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])


char IOmap [4096]
ec_ODlistt ODlist
ec_OElistt OElist
boolean printSDO = FALSE
boolean printMAP = FALSE
char usdo [128]
char hstr [1024]

Detailed Description

Example code for Simple Open EtherCAT master.

Usage : slaveinfo [ifname] [-sdo] [-map] Ifname is NIC interface, f.e. eth0. Optional -sdo to display CoE object dictionary. Optional -map to display slave PDO mapping

This shows the configured slave data.

(c)Arthur Ketels 2010 - 2011

Function Documentation

char* dtype2string ( uint16  dtype)
int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 
char* SDO2string ( uint16  slave,
uint16  index,
uint8  subidx,
uint16  dtype 
int si_map_sdo ( int  slave)
int si_map_sii ( int  slave)
int si_PDOassign ( uint16  slave,
uint16  PDOassign,
int  mapoffset,
int  bitoffset 

Read PDO assign structure

void si_sdo ( int  cnt)
int si_siiPDO ( uint16  slave,
uint8  t,
int  mapoffset,
int  bitoffset 
void slaveinfo ( char *  ifname)

Variable Documentation

char hstr[1024]
char IOmap[4096]
boolean printMAP = FALSE
boolean printSDO = FALSE
char usdo[128]